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Aims of The Nutritional Therapy Education Commission

  • Set standards of training and education that meet the National Occupational Standards for Nutritional Therapy, and to keep those updated as necessary
  • Accredit courses in Nutritional Therapy that meet the Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards
  • Publish the names and relevant details of all training providers whose courses have been accredited
  • Provide guidance on education and training issues to training providers
  • Provide Short Course Certification for courses that meet NTEC quality criteria and support Nutritional Therapists’ science-based learning post-qualification.
  • Support BANT Council in matters relating to NOS, Core Curriculum and upskilling of Nutritional Therapists post-qualification through quality training opportunities leading to recognised awards.
  • To respect the NTEC privacy policy May 2018

Meet the NTEC Team

Professor Justin Roberts Ph.D – NTEC Chair

Dr Roberts is a Professor of Nutritional Physiology applied to exercise and functional health within the Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University. He is a BANT Registered Nutritionist, and Editor-in-Chief for the Nutrition Evidence Database (the only scientific database which specialises in nutrition and lifestyle medicine to support an evidence-based approach to practitioner clinical-decision making). He has published over 65 peer-reviewed, scientific articles and book chapters, and is a reviewer for numerous academic journals including: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition; International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism; Nutrients; Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise; Frontiers in Nutrition; and the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. His research focuses on nutritional strategies to promote metabolic flexibility and adaptive recovery in relation to exercise, including polyphenol and protein-targeted approaches, along with interests in pre-probiotic and food-based strategies to support gastrointestinal function.

Karen Watkins – NTEC Accreditation Officer

Karen was invited by the Nutritional Therapy Council (which evolved to become NTEC) to formulate the first set of standards for training providers of nutritional therapy. A passionate believer in promoting professionalism and building a profession to be proud of, she designed an accreditation process to foster excellency and consistency across the profession, whilst always advocating the need for fairness and equity to training providers.

Karen works full time for the successful hair mineral analysis company, Mineral Check Ltd providing technical expertise and support. An experienced pundit in this burgeoning field she is lecturing as well as publishing articles and undertaking new research. Karen is a fellow of BANT and ION and in her spare time a keen runner and horse rider.

Alison Benbow - NTEC Board Member and Assessor

Alison has been part of the nutritional therapy industry for nearly two decades; a practitioner for 15 years with particular interest in working with breast cancer clients, she then became the course leader of the nutritional therapy Masters Degree course at the University of Worcester and under her capable leadership has steered the course through university reapproval and NTEC reaccreditation, whilst also leading theory and clinical practice modules of the course. 

Alison has been involved in NTEC is many ways; in the past she was involved in the NTEC initiated project that informed the core curriculum for nutritional therapy and recently she lead a research project to evaluate the teaching clinic, the results of which were published in an industry journal. She is a professional standards board member for the CNHC and a fellow of BANT, in her other life she is a farmer’s wife with three grown up daughters, she loves gardening, yoga and walking her two beautiful Labradors.

Paula Werret – NTEC Assessor

Paula has worked in education for over 15 years joining ION in 2005. She has worked in a number of different roles from lecturer and tutor to heading up their diploma courses into her present role as Head of Undergraduate Provision. Alongside her educational role Paula is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a special interest in digestive health and autoimmunity and also runs corporate sessions and workshops in this field. Away from work Paula enjoys spending time with her family.

Manal Chouchane -  NTEC Assessor

Manal is a lecturer on the MSc Nutritional Therapy programme at the University of Worcester and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, she has previously lectured at Coventry University in biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology. She is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with previous experience of working for a leading professional nutraceutical company as a clinical nutritionist. Manal’s lecturing role allows her to combine her passion for both nutrition and teaching, she strongly believes that nutrition should be at the forefront of health and medical interventions and research. In her spare time Manal develops her own delicious and healthy recipes which she shares on social media to inspire others.

Lindsey Fellows -  NTEC Assessor

Lindsey has worked in Higher Education since 1996, teaching a variety of subjects from Sport and Exercise Psychology, Physical Education, and Public Health. In that time, she cultivated a keen interest in behaviour change and qualified as a Motivational Interviewing Trainer in 2012. After retraining and qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist in 2016, she transferred this interest to the clinical practice of nutrition and has taught on MSc Nutritional Therapy since 2017. She supports students in their taught modules, dissertations, and clinical practice. She divides her time between lecturing and working as a practitioner and continues to be intrigued by the complexity of human behaviour in the context of health and well-being, and how this translates to food choices and eating behaviours.

Georgina Corley-Cadogan -  NTEC Assessor

Georgina originally studied food science and worked in the food industry for over 15 years. During this time she worked with government enforcement agencies, global food manufacturers, farming groups, accreditation bodies and grocery retailers, all the while gaining considerable insider knowledge on the politics and production of the food we eat!
Always having a keen interest in nutrition, Georgina retrained in nutritional therapy. With a special interest in women's health including perimenopause, Georgina now runs a busy clinic in south east London.
Alongside this Georgina also works as a tutor in the student clinics at ION. Outside of work Georgina enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and trying out new foods and recipes.

Beverly Shergold - NTEC Assessor

After qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist from BCNH in 2005, Beverley has primarily worked in nutrition education. She began as a tutor, marking assessments and supporting students through their studies, and now acts as Head of Education at BCNH. Beverley played a significant role in the development of a new BSc (Hons) in Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine and continues to lead the programme. Alongside this role, she also consults with organisations on nutrition and wellbeing and offers private consultations. Outside of work, she enjoys being creative and spending time outdoors with her daughter and sausage dog.

Emma Ellenn -  NTEC Assessor

Emma Ellenn is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with over ten years clinical experience. She runs a private practice for clients with a wide range of health conditions, but most commonly works with weight loss and digestive issues.
Emma has ten years teaching experience at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and a Master's degree in reflective practice. As well as overseeing Level Five of ION's BSc Nutritional Therapy program, she leads Training Clinic and is module co-ordinator for the associated clinical practice module.
In her spare time, she enjoys running, yoga, writing, and spending time with friends, her partner and four children.

Roisin Mclaughlin  - NTEC Assessor

Roisin qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 2002 after a short career as pharmaceutical officer in several UK hospitals. She has had a busy Manchester practice for the last 20 years, where she offers a holistic service which includes Herbal Medicine, Coaching, NLP and EFT. She completed a Masters degree in Integrative Medicine in 2017 with a thesis topic on PMS and PMDD, and now offers a specialist service to women suffering with these conditions.

Alongside this Roisin has been the director of Remedy Lounge, a multidisciplinary health care practice since 2008.  

She was a module leader and clinical supervisor on the herbal medicine degree course at Leeds Beckett for five years. She has been a member of the accreditation board for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 2017 and played an active role in the redesign of their accreditation process.  She continues to carry out assessments of their schools. 

She has a regular yoga and meditation practice and can be found in the meadows most days with her dog.

Jane Bains -  NTEC Administrator

Jane has worked for NTEC as their administrator since 2018, she is a practising Nutritional Therapist of 10 years, with a specialism in gut health. Jane is a keen gardener and a passionate advocate for youth services; she volunteers at a local community garden supporting young adults to grow, harvest and prepare their own food. Janes lives in Wheathampstead with her husband, teenage son and two dogs.

Olivia Simmons – NTEC Communications Officer

After a career in the advertising media industry Olivia retrained as a Nutritional Therapist with BCNH completing a Diploma and BSc. After graduation she moved from Sydney, Australia to the Sussex countryside where she runs nutrition and cookery workshops for the local community using homegrown produce from her vegetable garden. Olivia lives near Lewes with her husband, three children, dog and chickens.

Contact Details

Please contact us by email or post
Email: info@nteducationcommission.org.uk

Nutritional Therapy Education Commission
BM Box 3304

NTEC Chair

Prof. Justin Roberts Ph.D

Professor of Nutritional Physiology

BANT Registered Nutritionist


NTEC is an executive agency of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. 
BM Box 3304 London WC1N 3XX

Registered in England: 3333951  Registered Address: 5 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1DQ

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