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Short Course Certification

The Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC) provides certification for nutrition courses that meet the following criteria:

1) The content reflects current nutrition research, including the evidence-based, bioscience basis of nutritional therapy, which recognises that nutritional choices affect health outcomes and that each individual has their own unique nutritional needs.

2) The course includes assessment of learning leading to an award.

3) Courses aimed at school level students should demonstrate experiential learning and may or may not lead to an award. Course content should align with the BANT Wellbeing Guidelines https://bant.org.uk/about-nutritional-therapy/bant-wellbeing-guidelines/

NTEC Certification does not imply that learners will be trained as nutritional therapists, qualified to work in a therapeutic capacity with clients, or eligible for registration as nutritional therapists. Furthermore, NTEC’s role will be to quality assure that courses are achieving their intended outcomes. 

All higher education short courses successfully achieving NTEC certification will be automatically awarded CPD.

Certified Short Courses

These courses have completed Short Course Certification and meet the requirements of NTEC:

The Pure Package

Arches 38, 39 & 40, New Covent Garden Market, London SW8 5PP
Phone: 0845 123 888 / 0207 720 3250
Web: PurePackage.com
Course: Nutrition in Culinary Practice (Nutrition education for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts)
Certification awarded for a period of two years (to March 2025)

The Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Ambassador House | Paradise Road, Richmond, London, TW9 1SQ
Phone: 020 8614 7800
Web: www.ion.ac.uk
Course: Cancer: Nutritional support before, during and after treatment and beyond  (Three day course for nutrition practitioners)
Certification awarded for a period of two years (to October 2024)

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel Ltd

Weston, Dean Place, Winchester, SO22 5RU
Phone: 07966 040107
Email: drnina@drninafullershavel.com
Web: drninafullershavel.com
Course: Systems Approach to Cancer - Level 1
Certification awarded for a period of two years (to December 2025)

Apply for Short Course Certification

Application for NTEC Certification is open to three types of course:

1) Nutrition courses designed for other professions, such as food professionals, social care professionals, and other healthcare professions such as nurses, GPs, dentists.

2) Post-qualification courses for nutritional therapists that have an element of assessment of learning at level 6 and above.

3) Courses suitable to be taught to school level students that recognise that/how nutritional choices affect health outcomes.

Fees are based on the level and duration of the course and the number of attendees.

For more information on fees please contact the NTEC administrator on administration@nteducationcommission.org.uk

Applications will be assessed by a panel of experienced NTEC assessors and can be submitted using this Form:

Application form

Submit by email to administration@nteducationcommission.org.uk
or by post to NTEC, BM Box 3304, London, WC1N 3XX

Application form submission check list:

NTEC Submission sheet
Course Handbook or student instruction material (or access to on-line instruction materials)
Module / course descriptors
Teaching materials examples (or an on-line login to these materials)
Assessment instructions and marking grid / criteria for all assessments
Cancellation policy
Student support policy for those with protected characteristics

Please ensure all requested documents are included to avoid any delay processing your application.

Contact Details

Please contact us by email or post
Email: info@nteducationcommission.org.uk

Nutritional Therapy Education Commission
BM Box 3304

NTEC Chair

Prof. Justin Roberts Ph.D

Professor of Nutritional Physiology

BANT Registered Nutritionist


NTEC is an executive agency of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. 
BM Box 3304 London WC1N 3XX

Registered in England: 3333951  Registered Address: 5 North Street, Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1DQ

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